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You are visiting T8 LED Tube High Brightness 28W Power
Photo T8 LED Tube High Brightness 28W Power
ProductT8 LED Tube High Brightness 28W Power

Standard length: 1,800mm
Rated input voltages: 100 to 240, 277V AC, 12V/24V DC
Light efficiency: >95lm/W
Cool color temperatures:
Cold white: 5,500 to 6,500K
Commercial white: 4,000 to 4,500K
Warm white: 3,000 to 3,500K
Power factor: >0.95
Much longer lifespan than CFL tube: 10 years (at an average usage of 8 hours per day)
70 to 80% energy-saving over fluorescent tubes
Solid state, high shock/vibration resistance
Work without ballast, instant soft-start
No RF interference, no flickering or buzzing
Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
Minimum maintenance costs, generates little heat
No mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS Directive-compliant
Continuous operation for white LEDs (10 years for other colors)
Modern design
Highly cost-effective
Completely insulated electrical design for maximum safety
180° rotatable end caps facilitate a convenient installation
Highly cost-effective
Custom-designed built-in driver, with reliable performance and long lifespan
UL and TUV certified circuit design
No risk of electric shock during installation
Compatible with existing inductive ballast fixtures, reducing installation cost and maintaining the warranty of the whole fixture
High brightness LED

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