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You are visiting T8 LED Tube Light IPS 18W
Photo T8 LED Tube Light IPS 18W
ProductT8 LED Tube Light IPS 18W
Hyper stable: inside-diver in tube, 6063 pure aluminum oxidized housing with stable quality
High-brightness: 5050 SMD as light source, each LED over 2,000mcd
Adopts PC strip cover to avoid LED glare issue
Elegant appearance because of integrated pins design
Energy-saving: constant current, low-power consumption, electroscopic power near 100%
Environment-friendly: no UV, no radiates infrared light, no mercury
Long lifetime: 50,000 to 80,000 hours, 10 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes
Strong protection for driver: short-circuit, open-circuit, overload and more
LED tube light can be used in traditional T8, T10 brackets (just need to take off the ballast)
Please keep the correct voltage for the LED tube light
Do not take apart the LED tube light
Suggest taking off the inductance ballast, indoor use only

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